xista empowers science-based innovators to drive transformative change.

The dramatic improvement of our lives over the last few centuries has been a result of understanding science and mastering technology. This journey is far from over, it is only beginning. We stand at the cusp of a revolution in human health, we need to solve a planetary issue of our own making, all while venturing into a truly digital age. These challenges demand frontier research and interdisciplinary collaboration at the convergence of biology, physics, materials, engineering, and AI.

“xista is crossing boundaries – working across scientific fields and helping to cross the realms of scientific discovery and industrial application.”

Building on the success of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA), one of the world's leading scientific research organizations, we provide a collaborative and dynamic environment for scientific founders and innovative companies to access cutting-edge research and resources, accelerating the growth of their businesses.

We back exceptional science ventures with our experience in translating science and building companies, our network and capital.

& infrastructure

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We provide state-of-the-art labs, dedicated workspaces, and access to specialized equipment and facilities at ISTA to accelerate the development of your idea.

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Our company is dedicated to commercializing research at ISTA, building links with industry and training the next generation of scientific entrepreneurs.